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We sell & Manufacture Propellers for surface Drives!
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Welcome to Pacific Surface Drives Inc. We are located in North Vancouver, B.C the beautiful west coast and a boating paradise!

Ken Martin who is the founder and president has an 18 year association with Arneson surface drives & Twin Disc, both as a user and an authorized dealer/installer. Not only does this carry specific benefits, but he also brings a tremendous amount of marine experience from 30+ years as a commercial fisherman and a professional boat builder.

Pacific Surface Drives Inc. is very proud of our 17 plus years relationship with both Twin Disc & Arneson Surface Drives. We are totally committed to quality products and quality service for our valuable customers.
Building a new boat, upgrading a current vessel, lets talk. We sell new products, pre owned, used, reconditioned, surface drives, parts for what we sell and the right propellers. Our number one product is SERVICE

We offer you expert knowledge and expertise in correct choice of drive, proper installation and the right propeller selection for your needs. We are committed to advanced surface propulsion. Please contact us for an enhanced boating experience.

We are very pleased to showcase the very best of Arneson Surface Drives.

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Trimmable Propeller Shaft
 To enhance performace versatility the propeller shaft angle is vertically adjustable even while underway. This allows the helmsman to affect the optimum propeller thrust angle depending on load and sea conditions at any given time.

Positive Thrust Steering

Steering control and response is maximized when the propeller functions as the essential directional force. Unlike conventional systems that vector prop thrust off an external rudder, the Arneson Surface drive angles the propeller in the appropriate direction of motion.

Responsive Maneuverability
Because the arneson surface drive has positive thrust steering, it can turn tighter with greater control than conventional propulsion systems. Since the propellers are located aft, behind the hull, this increases steering leverage and improves maneuverability at all speeds in forward and reverse.

Shallow Water Capabilities
Access to shallow water areas is enhanced because of design advatages inherent to the Arneson Surface Drive. Because it has a trimmable propeller shaft and no fixed underwater appendages, the Arneson Surface Drive requires significantly less draft than conventionally powered hulls.