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Arneson Drive

Arneson Surface Drives

For those seeking the ultimate in speed, maneuverability, efficiency and dependability, nothing matches the Arneson Surface Drives concept.

Trimmable Propeller Shaft to enhance performance and versatilty, the propeller shaft angle is vertically adjustable, even while underway. This allows the helmsman to achieve the optimum propeller thrust angle depending on load and sea conditions at any given time.

Positive Thrust Steering steering control and response is maximized when the propeller function is the essential directional force. Unlike conventional systems that vector off an external rudder, the Arneson Surface Drive angles the propeller in the appropriate direction of motion.

Responsive Maneuverability because the Arneson Surface Drive has positive thrust steering, it can turn tighter, with greater control than conventional propulsion systems. Propellers are located aft, behind the hull, increasing steering leverage and improving maneuverability at all speeds.

Shallow Water Capabilities with a trimmable propeller shaft and no fixed underwater
appendages, your craft will require significantly less draft than conventionally powered hulls. You'll have greater access to shallow water areas.

Arneson Drives can bring superior power, better overall performance and improved operating efficiencies to a broad array of boats, both pleasure craft and commercial
vessels. Making sure that your particular installation is appropriate and cost effective, we thoroughly analyze your boat's design and intended operation. This allows the proper choice of drive, installation and propeller size.